Getting away for a vacation is great, but it doesn’t feel so great leaving your furry best friend behind. Maybe you’ve thought about bringing your pup along, but felt unsure if you should. Archie loves to travel and going on adventures together brings us closer together and so much joy. That’s why I’m excited to share with you 10 reasons to travel with your dog that we hope will inspire you to bring your pup along on some adventures of your own.

1. An adventure buddy. Just like humans, dogs love to experience new and exciting things. Whether it’s exploring a new street, a new trail, or a new town, watching your pup experience new things never gets old. If you want a travel companion who is always down for another adventure, your pup is the perfect candidate!

2. Selfie fun! Selfies are so much more fun when you have a friend by your side to make silly faces or do goofy poses!

3. A swim companion! Not every dog loves to swim, but many dogs do (especially if they are a golden retriever like Archie)! While human travel companions might not always be in the mood for an impromptu swim, dogs are great swimmers and often ready to jump right into the fun at a moment’s notice!

4. A closer bond. Spending time together and experiencing the world side-by-side is a wonderful way to develop a stronger bond. Nothing beats discovering what makes your pup’s tail wag and watching them learn new ways to have fun!

5. Meet new friends! Dogs often help us step outside our comfort zone by opening up opportunities to talk with new people we wouldn’t normally have the courage to say hello to — or who might not know how to approach us. One of the easiest ways to meet a new friend is by simply saying, “Hi, what a cute dog! What’s its name?” I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve met most of my friends through my dogs! 

6. A listening ear. Having someone to talk to on your adventures makes them so much more enjoyable! And who is a better listener than your furry best friend?

7. Enjoy the moment! It’s amazing how dogs see the world — they live in the moment in ways many of us aspire to. A great way to remember to be present in the moment is to hang out with your dog more — their innocent, spontaneous and joyful perspective can’t help but rub off on you!

8. Save money. Hiring a pet-sitter or finding a good doggy day care can be time-consuming and expensive. Plus, no one takes care of your pup like you do! Bringing your dog along with you on your travels can help you save on extra expenses, while also ensuring that your pup gets the best care (you)!

9. Pet-friendly perks! While some hotels have rules that prohibit pets, more and more hotels are allowing and even encouraging their guests to bring along their furry companions — and offering VIP packages for pups! Your pup deserves a vacation with some extra pampering, too!

10. You won’t have to miss your best friend! Your devoted pup loves to be with you just as much as you love to be with them! It usually doesn’t matter where you are, what you’re doing — or anything else — they are simply happiest when they are by your side. If your pup is with you on your trip, you won’t have to feel sad if you choose to extend it — because they’ll be right there with you to enjoy it!

What are some reasons you love to travel with your dog? I’d love to hear more about your travel experiences with your furry best friend! Share in the comments below!